Member Meetings

The Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group was born in 2005 out of the Tri-State Meetings between Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, which first began circa 1960. Since 2005 we have received funding from the North Central IPM Center, sponsored by the USDA, to form a communication network among vegetable specialists throughout the Great Lakes region to address current priorities facing growers and vegetable industry. Below this is a series of folders containing the presentations given at those meetings.

The 2022 meeting was held digitally. The presentations can be viewed below. Chapters for each speaker can be selected in the top left of the video. The recording starts at Wenjing.

Ben Phillips – Working Group Grant update and invitation to participate in neat stuff

Jim Jasinski – Using Big Foot to Educate the Public about Pumpkins

Wenjing Guan – Update on Watermelon Fertilization Management

Wenjing Guan – Tunnel-based Strawberry Production

Brad Bergefurd – Effects of Nano Fertilizers on Tomato

Elizabeth Buck – Helping auctions capture and use economic data

Stephen Meyers – Morningglory Interference in Processing Tomato

Nathan Johanning – No-Till and Cover Crop Research in Tomatoes & Peppers

Vicki Morrone – MSU’s community partnerships for beginning farmers

Laura Ingwell – Black Soldier Fly Compost for Specialty Crops

Julie Kikkert – First Year Experience with Laser Scarecrows in Sweet Corn

Mohammad Babadoost – Findings on tomato bacterial spot (Xanthomonas spp.) in Illinois

Natalie Hoidal – 2021 broccoli disease screening results from 86 Midwest farms

Marissa Schuh – Favorite online tools I found and used in the last year